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Heat Exchangers

Services including tube forming, re-manufacturing, repair, cleaning and testing.

Heat transfer engineering

Including free collection and return services across the UK, welding, refurbishment and technical support.

CSCopper Shop & Heat Exchangers

Fabricast’s Heat Transfer Engineering customers include local authorities, power stations, hospitals, leisure centres, universities and commercial organisations. Specialised heat exchanger technology services, tailored to individual client needs, include tube forming, re-manufacturing, repair, cleaning and testing.

Fabricast offers free collection and return services across the UK for all types of heat transfer systems, providing services such as welding, refurbishment and installation advice if required. As each heat exchanger project is unique our technical team is on hand to discuss your project. Contact them here.

Find our more here about Fabricast’s specialist copper-based product fabrication, refurbishments, Marine Pipework and specialist repairs and testing.

Calorifier Services from Fabricast


Designed and manufactured as Storage and Non Storage exchangers, Calorifiers are manufactured in copper, stainless steel, carbon steel vessels with plain copper tubes, integral finned tubes, royal tubes and angelery tubes and are used for many applications. Contact us

Compressor Coolers Services from Fabricast

Compressor Coolers

Air or water cooled exchangers for cooling mediums such as lubricating oil and the compressed air through inter and after coolers. Fabricast refurbish, clean and replace most cooler exchanger types. Contact us

Shell and Tube Coolers Services from Fabricast

Shell and Tube Coolers

Standard shell and tube coolers used in lubrication oil coolers, condensers, evaporators and inter/after coolers, water coolers and heaters are “tube to tube” roller expanded or welded prior to pressure testing and construction. Contact us

Plate Heat Exchangers Services from Fabricast

Plate Heat Exchangers

Comprehensive service for all plate heat exchangers, including site services for system dismantling, transfer to our workshops for stripping, chemical cleaning, crack detection, re-gasketing, rebuilding and pressure testing prior to site return and installation. Contact us

Condensers Services from Fabricast


Air cooled condensers designed and manufactured to customer requirements. Includes Fabricast’s replacement/repair service on air-cooled and shell and tube condensers to OEM procedures where applicable and supply of replacement tubes. Contact us

Heating & Cooler Batteries (Coils) Services from Fabricast

Heating & Cooler Batteries (Coils)

Comprising finned coiled exchangers used in air conditioning for heating or cooling ducted air in hospitals, factories, colleges, prisons, etc. Fabricast repair and replace most types of coils, from site inspection, removal to installation. Contact us

Industrial Radiators Services from Fabricast

Industrial Radiators

Emergency diesel generator cooling radiators in hospitals, cooling radiators on underground mining machinery and large radiators in the electricity generating industry are repaired or replaced on a service exchange basis. Contact us

Marine Coolers Services from Fabricast

Marine Coolers

Charge air coolers, oil heaters/coolers, generator coolers, refrigeration coolers and some domestic units are part of Fabricast’s comprehensive Heat Exchanger refurbishment, pipework and replacement service. Contact us